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Newsletter for Q2 - 2014

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UltraBac Software NewsWire
Published by UltraBac Software Q2 - 2014


Have your voice heard!

We are looking for customers to take part in our Microsoft Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT). As part of our Microsoft Gold Partner renewal process, they are interested in seeing feedback from our customers regarding our products and service.

While this CSAT is a mandatory part of our partner renewal, it also helps UltraBac Software to identify areas of strength and areas in which we can improve. By measuring our product and service performance, we can also make sure we are doing everything we can do to best support you, our customers.

Your privacy is maintained throughout the entire process. The CSAT Index is administered by TNS, one of the world's largest market research companies for surveying and measuring customer satisfaction. Microsoft does not access or view customer contact information.

If you are interested in participating, please simply click on this link and respond Yes!

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UltraBac v10 provides even greater backup and disaster recovery flexibility with backup to the cloud using all major cloud providers. Windows 10 and Exchange 2016 support are also available.
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