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Contact Us

UltraBac Logo
Corporate Headquarters Telephone
15400 SE 30th PL, Suite #C
Bellevue, WA 98007
Toll-free within U.S.

Product Information
To determine which solution is best for your organization, ask questions regarding your current UltraBac Software products, or to inquire on how to resell UltraBac Software solutions, please call or email us. For a complete overview of UltraBac Software and our backup & disaster recovery products, watch our on-demand webinar.
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Product Maintenance
To ask questions regarding maintenance coverage and the support programs available, please contact the maintenance department or visit the Maintenance section of our website.
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Product Licensing
For questions regarding our licensing policy, please contact the licensing department. The Licensing section of our website contains forms, instructions, and FAQs that can also assist you.
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Technical Support
The UltraBac Knowledge Base is available 24/7 free of charge, and it contains product instructions as well as a wealth of technical information. If you need further assistance to address an issue, please fill out the support form. You can call the technical support team directly at 425.644.6000 or toll-free within the U.S. at 866.554.8562 (charges may apply without a maintenance subscription). The UltraBac Software Forum is a useful tool for finding and sharing information, as well as posting questions for support staff who monitor the site.
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Marketing Information
For press and public relations information, or to schedule an interview, please contact the marketing department. For comments or questions regarding this website please contact

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