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UBDR Gold is Your First Level of Defense in Windows Bare Metal Disaster Recovery

UBDR Gold is the best in Windows disaster recovery. It has been carefully designed to provide the utmost in server and workstation protection by minimizing excessive and costly downtime that usually accompanies a failed computer system. The software uses image or snapshot technology to perform a bare metal restore in as little as 15 minutes when an unbootable condition occurs.

UBDR Gold uses UltraBac's ability to perform image backups, along with a Windows based universal boot CD environment, to restore one or more disk partitions even when no operating system is available. To recover a failed server, a user need only:

UBDR Gold Disaster Recovery
  1. Insert a restore CD or USB key.
  2. Boot the machine.
  3. Start the wizard to initiate a restore with just a few clicks of the mouse.

No additional steps are required. After restoring the image backup, the server is recovered to the state it was in when the backup was started. UBDR Gold also offers built-in encryption so users can fully comply with security requirements for backup media stored either on or off-site.

UBDR Gold provides customers with a whole host of features and options to satisfy the needs of even the largest corporation. UBDR Gold can also be 100 percent scripted for both backups and restores. This means remote sites can be fully recovered automatically without any local administration. Unbootable servers can be quickly restored and brought back online with this seamless and completely automatic process. Single file restores, virtual migrations, and disaster recoveries are also made simple utilizing UBDR Gold.

Our reliable, proven software will save precious time and money when there is a need to recover data on an individual workstation, server, or for an entire data center.

UBDR Gold Highlights
  • Image Backup with Full, Incremental, and Differential Options
  • Perform Bare Metal Restores (BMR)
  • Single File Restores from Mountable Image Backup for Immediate Drag & Drop Recoveries of Files and Folders
  • Dissimilar Hardware Restores with Third-Party Driver Support
    • Automatically Detects Hardware and Loads Required Driver
    • Drivers can be Injected during a BMR Operation when Required
  • Maximum BMR Flexibility for both Physical and Virtual Environments
    • P2V, V2V, V2P, and P2P Disaster Recovery Options
    • Virtual Disaster Recoveries using VMware or Microsoft Virtual Server Platforms
  • Perform Recoveries of System Partitions (e.g. MBR (BIOS) and GPT (UEFI) Disks)
  • Write Backups and Restore to a Wide Range of Targets
    • SFTP/FTP*, Tivoli Storage Management (TSM)*, Cloud*, Local & Remote Tape Devices, Local & Remote Media Libraries*, SAN, NAS, UNC Path, Local Disk, CD, DVD, and USB
  • Update Operating Systems, Hard Drives, or Deploy New Machines
  • 100% Scripted Restores for Unassisted Recoveries
  • Backup and Restore Speeds of up to 7GB per Minute
  • Initiate and Monitor Restore(s) from Remote Machine
  • Built-in AES Encryption Option for Security

         *Optional add-on products.

For a more comprehensive overview, please view the UBDR Gold Product Sheet.

Base Products
UltraBac Flex Bundle - v10
UltraBac Ultimate Bundle - v10
UltraBac Essentials (SBS) Bundle - v10
UBDR Gold Server Edition - v10
UltraBac Workstation Bundle - v10
UBDR Gold Workstation Edition - v10
UltraBac Workstation Continuity Bundle - v10

Add-On Agents
FTP Device
Hyper-V Agent
TSM Device
Virtual Disk Agent
vSphere Agent

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