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Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions For Everyone

UltraBac Software offers fast, easy to use backup and disaster recovery software for every system size and budget. Test us out and download your free trial today!

UltraBac Software File Backup FILE BACKUPS are the standard for data protection of specific files and folders. People still perform file-by-file backups for a number of reasons, including savings on space, storage, government regulations, etc. UltraBac backup software is scalable from small to large users and caters to a wide array of diverse business computing environments. Customers have the flexibility to customize their solution to tailor fit their needs with additional protection available for Exchange, SQL, Linux, Hyper-V, VMware, TSM, Media Libraries, and much more.

UltraBac Software Image Backup IMAGE BACKUPS for bare metal disaster recovery in minutes. UBDR Gold is the fastest and easiest way to protect your entire system. Corporate estimates for system downtime range anywhere from $5,000 per hour to over $15,000 a minute. When a server fails, even a small organization can realize over a 100% ROI in just one single use of UBDR Gold. The software can be licensed for independent, stand-alone use, or it can be fully integrated with UltraBac's regular file-by-file backup and restore software.

UltraBac Software Virtual Backup VIRTUAL BACKUPS reliably protect your VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines (VMs). Physical-to-virtual (P2V) based disaster recoveries allow organizations to recover a server and emulate it virtually 100% in as little as 15 minutes. UBDR Gold also supports virtual-to-virtual (V2V) and virtual-to-physical (V2P) recoveries, providing users with every available virtual disaster recovery option, allowing customers to easily manage backups across both virtual and physical environments.

UltraBac Software Dissimilar Hardware Restore DISSIMILAR HARDWARE RESTORES can be performed quickly with UBDR Gold's physical-to-physical (P2P) disaster recovery feature. The software comes with third-party driver support, so if, for example, your HP server fails, a backed up OS image can be restored to a Dell server and successfully booted. In other words, you can easily restore systems to different hardware without having to worry about compatibility.

UltraBac Software Cloud CLOUD backups can be performed to the following cloud providers: Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and Google. Simply create a direct account with whichever company you prefer, license the UltraBac Cloud Device, and you're ready to back up to the cloud.

UltraBac Software Backup Media BACKUP OPTIONS provide users with the ability to perform image or file based backups to literally every type of storage device: SAN, NAS, UNC path, local disk, TSM*, SFTP/FTP*, Cloud*, local/remote tape devices, and media libraries*.  *optional add-on agent or device

UltraBac Software Free Trial DOWNLOAD a free live trial of our award-winning backup and disaster recovery software now!

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