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UltraBac and UBDR Gold – Minimum System Requirements

OS (running the latest service pack and hotfixes):
    Both 32 and 64-bit versions of:
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012/2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2008/2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2003/2003 R2
  • Windows 10 (Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education Editions)
  • Windows 8/8.1 (Core, Pro, and Enterprise Editions)
  • Windows 7 (Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate Editions)
  • Windows Vista (Business and Ultimate Editions)
Please see this page for a complete list of Supported Operating Systems.
NOTE:  Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000 (Professional and Server) require UltraBac Version 9.2.5.
  • .NET 4.5
PLEASE NOTE: The UltraBac installer will automatically launch the ".Net 4.5" installer if ".Net 4.5" does not already reside on the system and an agent being installed requires it. On older hardware or within virtual machines, the ".Net 4.5" installer is very CPU intensive. For these systems it is recommended that ".Net 4.5" be manually installed PRIOR to the installation of UltraBac. The ".NET 4.5" installer can be found within the downloaded .zip file in the "ubinstall/dotnet" folder. Launch the "dotnetfx45_full_setup.exe" to manually install ".Net 4.5".
  • A minimum screen display of 1024x768 is required.
  • 256 color display required and 65536 colors recommended.
  • Windows Vista/7/8, and Windows Server 2003/2003 R2/2008/2008 R2/2012/2012 R2/2016 — 2 GB or greater required.
  • UBDR Gold — 2 GB or greater required.
Hard Disk:
  • 1 GB of free hard disk space required; 20 GB if configuring the UltraBac database.

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