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Benefits of Membership

The UltraBac PartnerPlus Program has been designed to help our valued partners grow their businesses by improving profitability through increased product demand and industry setting margins. By developing a synergistic, strong partner practice delivering best-in-class backup and disaster recovery solutions, you will make money.

Teaming with UltraBac Software not only helps you discover new opportunities, but also makes you better equipped to provide new and existing customers with innovative, leading-edge data protection software.


  • Because we sell with you — UltraBac PartnerPlus Members are an exclusive group of security, network, and BDR (backup and disaster recovery) experts. We respect our partners and take great care to eliminate potential sales conflict so that a partner’s registered opportunity always takes precedent.

  • Because you make more money — UltraBac PartnerPlus Members enjoy high profit margins and elevated recurring revenue through maintenance renewals and upgrades. Every dollar of UltraBac sales also usually 'drags' with it $10-15 in sales of other services and products.

  • Because we offer a full suite of end-to-end backup & disaster recovery software solutions — From our classic UltraBac file-level backup product, to the advanced UBDR Gold image-based bare metal restore software, to the new UltraBac Warp — these award-winning solutions span everything from desktops to the small enterprise, and both physical and virtual machines.

  • Because we offer genuinely disruptive technology — We've replaced solutions priced as much as 8x the equivalent cost of an UltraBac solution, using proven first-to-market technology and groundbreaking innovation.

Become an UltraBac PartnerPlus Member today to start on the path of selling enterprise-class features such as provisioning, P2V/V2V/V2P migrations, dissimilar hardware restores, virtualization, and de-duplication, all at an affordable mid-market price.

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