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UltraBac Annual Maintenance Subscription Renewals

The following Maintenance Subscriptions are available for purchase.

For assistance or more information, contact the maintenance department at 425.644.6000 or email

AM-UF-B-RUltraBac Flex Bundle
AM-UB-B-RUltraBac Ultimate Bundle
AM-LX-B-RUltraBac Ux Bundle
AM-SBS-B-RUltraBac Standard SBS Bundle
AM-SBP-B-RUltraBac Premium SBS Bundle
AM-SS-B-RUltraBac Back Office Bundle
AM-SG-RUBDR Gold Server Edition
AM-VE-RUltraBac Virtual Edition
AM-VM-RUltraBac Virtual Disk Utility
AM-EE-RUltraBac Enterprise Edition
AM-EXA-B-RUltraBac Exchange Bundle
AM-SS-B-RUltraBac Back Office Bundle
AM-SG-B-RUBDR Gold Server Bundle
AM-DG-RUBDR Gold Integrated Server Agent
AM-CSA-RUltraBac Cloud Device
AM-CCA-RUltraBac Cloud Workstation Device
AM-SDD-RUltraBac Deduplication Server Option
AM-VDD-RUltraBac Deduplication Virtual Host Option
AM-WDD-RUltraBac Deduplication Workstation Option
AM-EXA-RUltraBac Exchange Agent
AM-VHA-RUltraBac Host Agent
AM-HVA-RHyper-V Agent
AM-ALA-RUltraBac Media Library Module
AM-ALA-A-RUltraBac Media Library Module - 3+ Drives
AM-RLSA-RUltraBac Remote Local Server Agent
AM-SQA-RUltraBac SQL Agent
AM-VDA-RVirtual Disk Agent
AM-VSA-RvSphere Agent
AM-UXA-RUltraBac Ux Agent
AM-LXA-RUltraBac Ux Image Agent
AM-LFA-RUltraBac Locked File Agent
AM-SGC-B-R*UltraBac Workstation Bundle
AM-VDC-B-R*UltraBac Workstation Continuity Bundle
AM-SGC-R*UBDR Gold Workstation Edition
AM-LFC-R*UltraBac Locked File Workstation Agent
* If Workstation products are on same license as server products they need to have maintenance coverage. If on a separate License Server, per incident charges will apply (unless purchased in volumes of 5 or more).


With an annual Maintenance Subscription, customers receive priority service and unlimited technical support on covered products as well as software upgrades at no charge when downloaded from the UltraBac Software website. Support is provided Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PT (Pacific Time), except for nationally recognized holidays. After-hours support is available by separate charge on a per incident basis. Software version upgrade CD and manual are available at an additional charge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If any UltraBac product on an UltraBac License Server is covered by a Maintenance Subscription, all products must be covered. It is not possible to cover some products on an UltraBac License Server and not cover others.

After Business Hours Technical Support Charges
After Hours Times: Weekdays 5:00 PM - 6:00 AM (Pacific Standard Time)
as well as National Holidays & Weekends
Maintenance Subscribers - $125.00 Per Incident
Prices subject to change without notice.


Without a Maintenance Subscription, there is a cost associated with all software upgrades. Please take a moment to reference our Upgrade Policy for details.

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