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Virtual backup and recovery for Windows, VMware, ESX, Citrix Xen, Hyper-V, and Microsoft Applications
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Our award winning physical backup and disaster recovery products protect your virtual envionments as well:
  • All inclusive protection for both physical and virtual machines
  • Mount a backup virtual machine in under 5 minutes
  • Back up machines whether powered on or off
  • Granular recovery of a single file or folder
  • Minimal storage required to protect only in-use disk sectors
  • Drag and drop for simple restores
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The UltraBac Software Experience
Why Should You Buy UltraBac?
UltraBac Software understands the secret to customer satisfaction:  reliable software, extensive features, U.S.-based live support, and great value.
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Unparalleled Customer Support
UltraBac Software is committed to customer service. We set the industry standard for technical support with average hold times of less than five minutes!
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Software Innovations
Our commitment to specialize in backup and disaster recovery has enabled us to consistently deliver innovative first-to-market features and continually provide customers with the very best in data protection software.
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Learn more about Us
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Version 9.5 is Here
Want 30% Faster Backups?!
Our new and improved Single File Restore (SFR) feature allows mountable image backups with direct file & folder recoveries to any shared network resource. Simply drag selected files or folders to another drive on that machine in seconds!
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Introducing UltraBac and UBDR Gold v9.5. The new versions of UltraBac and UBDR Gold backup and disaster recovery software provide up to 30% faster backups with mountable image backups for immediate file, folder, and partition recoveries, along with a brand new Centralized Management console.
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Microsoft Gold Partner  VMware Technology Alliance Partner
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