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UltraBac Warp Provides Data Restores Recovered from Any Specified Point-in-Time

Bellevue, Wash. - (January 10, 2013) - UltraBac Software adds a brand new product to their line of backup and disaster recovery software with the release of UltraBac Warp™. The software provides a comprehensive form of Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for backup and disaster recovery designed for end users with minimal technical experience. UltraBac Warp's CDP is distinctive in that it is image based and has been uniquely identified as Continuous Image Protection™ (CIP™). With CIP, all selected volumes are automatically protected as opposed to only certain files or folders. CIP uses changed block tracking where only changed blocks are saved, thereby protecting all files on partitions selected for backup. This greatly reduces the amount of backup storage space used by eliminating the need to save an entire file every time a change is made. Furthermore, UltraBac Warp also provides image-based bare metal disaster recovery capability, even to dissimilar hardware, which file-based backup products cannot do.

UltraBac Warp automatically monitors disk activity so, when an update on a disk block occurs, a backup of that block is written to a local disk or network UNC path. This activity is invisible to the user with no noticeable performance impact. If a catastrophic event takes place, a disaster recovery can be performed to quickly restore an unbootable machine to working order. This advanced feature even allows more technical users to restore to dissimilar hardware. UltraBac Warp not only lets users recover a Windows® machine quickly after a major failure occurs, but it also provides the ability to simply revert to a prior point-in-time, and easily restore individual files or folders that may have been accidentally deleted. To perform a restore simply access the user interface, select a point-in-time (manually entered or selected from a graphical timeline showing backup activity), and then confirm the choice. This initiates the mount of a temporary partition from which to perform recoveries from. It is that easy.

If the computer running UltraBac Warp is connected to a UNC path for backup and becomes disconnected, the backup will automatically resume operation and catch up when the machine is reconnected. This also occurs automatically when hibernating and rebooting a machine. This makes UltraBac Warp an ideal solution for business travelers using laptops. By simply plugging a laptop back into the network upon returning to the office, UltraBac Warp automatically resumes backing up to the UNC path and eventually the CIP catches up to real-time for seamless, hands-off, backup protection.

Another great feature of UltraBac Warp is its automatic pruning settings. These allow for old data to be deleted as it reaches its user specified expiration date. It was designed to eliminate the bane of most backup products – having backup data eventually fill up all available space. To combat this problem, the software has user modifiable retention policies. The policies affect granularity and determine how much disk space is consumed.

"UltraBac Warp provides a low cost, backup and disaster recovery, Continuous Data Protection solution designed to be self administered by desktop users and small businesses," said Morgan Edwards, CEO and founder of UltraBac Software. "The software is easy to install, simple to use, and completely self maintaining. Anyone can be their own backup administrator using UltraBac Warp because you can truly set it and forget it."

UltraBac Warp is also an excellent tool for restoring desktops from problematic system software updates or virus infections. Before a company performs a software update, a user can set a unique bookmark that gets inserted into the backup timeline before an update is applied. If for any reason a computer needs to be rolled back, the bookmark can be used as a specific restore point. The guesswork normally associated with performing CDP based restores is eliminated. The user simply accesses the user interface and selects the notated bookmark which initiates the restore process. This guarantees the recovery will always be made to the correct point-in-time.

It is very simple to initiate a mount and unmount of temporary partitions with UltraBac Warp while looking for a specific point-in-time to perform a recovery. Being able to mount multiple partitions based on different moments of time provides maximum flexibility in finding the exact point-in-time file you need to recover. Once found, perform straightforward file and folder recoveries using either Microsoft's "My Computer" or "Explorer" to drag and drop files from a temporary partition to a physical or virtual location.

UltraBac Warp Server Edition is available now for $399.95 USD. The UltraBac Warp Workstation Edition is also available for $79.95, with discounted prices for 3, 5, 10, and 25-packs.

About UltraBac Software
UltraBac Software has earned a reputation for providing reliable, fast, and innovative backup and disaster recovery software to organizations of all sizes. UltraBac and UBDR Gold are the company's flagship products. UltraBac provides file-by-file backups and restores with a wide range of options, and built-in flexible scheduling. Optional agents such as Exchange, SQL, Locked File, Oracle, and Tivoli provide extended functionality to the base product. For bare metal recoveries, UBDR Gold is an image-based disaster recovery solution that can restore a failed physical server in as little as six minutes. Restores can be made to tape, disk, UNC paths, FTP/SFTP, SAN/NAS devices and IBM TSM. UBDR Gold fully supports dissimilar hardware restores and conversions, as well as provides customers great flexibility in performing P2P, P2V, V2V, and V2P conversions and/or disaster recovery operations. Visit for trial software or for more information.

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