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UltraBac Continuous Hybrid Cloud Backup


The foundation for continuous hybrid cloud backup is UltraBac’s proprietary image backup and changed block tracking (CBT) technology.  Of the two image formats available to customers, hybrid cloud backup uses the disk only mountable image backup format. 

UltraBac calls its mountable image format “SFR” for Single File Restore.  This format writes partition level image backups.  While backup is by partition regular restores can be made by file, folder and partition.  After a backup is mounted as a temporary partition users can navigate thru its files and folders to drag & drop any needing recovery using a browser like Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Edge.

Both SFR and UltraBac’s Classic image format provide for bare metal recovery (BMR) using Microsoft’s WinPE operating system.  Image backup customers use UltraBac’s MediaBuilder to create special WinPE boot media to perform BMR and P2V, V2V, and V2P migration operations.  UltraBac calls this functionality UBDR Gold.  An Admin can boot from UBDR Gold to either perform disaster recoveries or can cold boot a dead machine and back up all of its disk.

When creating an image set for backup an admin need only check on option to copy the backup to the supported cloud provider of choice.  This requires a customer to have an existing cloud account so that all required credentials can be entered into the set.

A cloud copy backup first writes the backup to local storage.  Once complete the process unfreezes all disks to release these resources and then initiates the cloud copy.  A full image backup is required to start the process.  After the full image backup a customer can schedule incremental backups at any required frequency.  Each incremental backup creates a point-in-time to recovery from. If an incremental backup fails for any reason it is “self-healing” as of the next successful backup with all changed blocks correctly backed up.

When a restore is required the only difference between mounting and recovering files locally or from the cloud is internet speed.  If a local backup is lost then mount the cloud copy and select files, folders or partition to drag & drop to recover.  If a BMR is required boot from UBDR Gold, connect to local storage or the cloud, and select the incremental backup to start the BMR operation.

UltraBac’s Hybrid Cloud Backup provides on-premise image backup with cloud copy for onsite and offsite redundant storage with every backup operation.  Setup simply requires checking a box and your cloud account credentials.  Recovering files, folders, partitions and performing BMR operations are exactly the same from local storage or the cloud for two levels of disaster recovery protection.

Setting up UltraBac's replication and image backup can take as little as 30 minutes (just install UltraBac and know your cloud account info).

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