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UltraBac Software Launches New UltraBac PartnerPlus Reseller Program

Newly Revamped Channel Program Will Increase Distribution of Innovative Backup and Disaster Recovery Software

Bellevue, Wash. - (October 14, 2014) - UltraBac Software,, an exclusive provider of award winning backup and disaster recovery software, announces their new distribution channel – the UltraBac PartnerPlus Program. The program is beinglaunched this week by UltraBac Software's new Director of Channel Development, Will Noble, who brings 33 years of channel experience to the company.

"The UltraBac PartnerPlus Program offers a tiered structure that allows resellers to select the level that best suits their needs and goals. Offering some of the most competitive margins in the business, this new program will help our partners profitably grow their business," says Will. "PartnerPlus members will be able to offer one of the best data protection products in the market to their customers, as well as attract new prospects who have diverse requirements that can be met with UltraBac's end-to-end product line."

In addition to competitive margins, PartnerPlus members have access to free, live U.S.-based sales and technical support. A dedicated representative will assist partners through the training and sales process, enhancing their ability to solve customers' biggest pain points and complex needs with UltraBac Software’s full suite of backup and disaster recovery solutions for physical and virtual machines. The suite of products, which includes UltraBac's file-level backup, UBDR Gold's image-based bare metal restores, and the newer UltraBacWarp image-based continuous data protection (CDP), protects everything from laptops and desktops to servers in the enterprise and data center.

"We've replaced solutions priced as much as eight times the equivalent cost of an UltraBac solution. Our partners are able to compete more effectively with affordable, easy-to-use products in a crowded market space," adds Morgan Edwards, President and CEO of UltraBac Software. "When designing our first-to-market technologies, we focus on the importance of recovery time objectives and business continuity to our customers. In revamping our partner program we focused on the things most vital to resellers: profit margins and discounts, access to support, and training. The new PartnerPlus Program brings all of these things together in a more structured way that provides additional benefits to our partners."

UltraBac Software is currently accepting applications to join the new partner program.

About UltraBac Software
UltraBac Software has earned a reputation for providing reliable, fast, and innovative backup and disaster recovery software to organizations of all sizes. UltraBac and UBDR Gold are the company's flagship products. UltraBac provides file-by-file backups and restores with a wide range of options, and built-in flexible scheduling. Optional agents such as Exchange, SQL, vSphere, Hyper-V, Virtual Disk, Oracle, Linux, and Tivoli provide extended functionality to the base product. For bare metal recoveries, UBDR Gold is an image-based disaster recovery solution that can restore a failed physical server in as little as six minutes. Restores can be made to tape, disk, UNC paths, FTP/SFTP, SAN/NAS devices, and IBM TSM. UBDR Gold fully supports dissimilar hardware restores and conversions, as well as provides customers great flexibility in performing physical and virtual (P2P, P2V, V2V, and V2P) conversions and/or disaster recovery operations. Visit for trial software or for more information.

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UltraBac Software, Inc.
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