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UltraBac Warp for Windows Provides Basic Point-in-Time Critical Data Recovery

UltraBac Warp is a Continuous Image Protection™ (CIP™) backup and disaster recovery program with point-in-time recovery technology that allows a user to restore files and folders to within a minute. What's distinctive about the software is it provides image-based Continuous Data Protection (CDP) as opposed to being file-based as are most CDP applications. A user can select to protect one or all volumes as opposed to just specific files and folders. With CIP, changed blocks on disk are automatically tracked so that they are backed up as activity occurs to the designated local disk or UNC path. This means everything on the partition level is protected, as opposed to the typical CDP solution that is application specific. UltraBac Warp greatly reduces the amount of space traditional backup software requires by not only backing up changed blocks, but through the use of a user-defined setting for pruning the oldest data as it expires. UltraBac Warp also sets itself apart from the competition with its ability to perform bare metal recoveries, even to dissimilar hardware, at no extra cost!

UltraBac Warp Workstation Edition is an ideal solution for business travelers using laptops. Simply unplug your laptop from the network when going home for the evening or leaving on a business trip. The software will continue tracking changed blocks and, when you plug the machine back into the company network, the CIP backup will automatically catch up to real-time without any user interaction.

Home users and small businesses are also perfect environments for UltraBac Warp. The software automatically monitors and backs up block-based disk activity with no noticeable performance impact. UltraBac Warp allows you to easily restore individual files or folders that may have been accidentally deleted. To perform a restore, simply access the user interface and select a time by either manually entering the MM/HH/DD, or via a graphical timeline showing backup activity. The choice is then confirmed, initiating the mount of a temporary partition to perform recoveries from – it is that easy. Actual drag and drop restores are performed using either Windows Explorer or the "My Computer" application. If disaster strikes in the form of an unbootable machine, or a lost or stolen computer, a bare metal restore can be performed for fast disaster recovery.

UltraBac Warp is also an excellent tool for restoring desktops from problematic system software updates or virus infections. To aid in restoring to a known waypoint, a unique bookmark can be inserted in the backup timeline before any update is applied. If for any reason a machine needs to be rolled back, the bookmark can be used as the specific restore point. The user simply accesses the restore user interface, selects the notated bookmark, and initiates the restore.

UltraBac Warp provides total protection by the minute as opposed to traditional backups that run once every 24 hours. The software automatically monitors disk activity and only backs up changed blocks on disk. If activity gets ahead of the backup, or the backup path is interrupted, the software will automatically buffer and catch back up to real-time even if hibernated or rebooted.

With UltraBac Warp anyone can be their own backup administrator.

For a more comprehensive overview, please view the UltraBac Warp for Windows Product Sheet.

Base Products
UltraBac Warp Workstation Edition - v1.1
UltraBac Warp Workstation Edition 3-Pack - v1.1
UltraBac Warp Workstation Edition 5-Pack - v1.1
UltraBac Warp Server Edition - v1.1
1-Yr Maintenance Subscription for UltraBac Warp Server Edition

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