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Continuous Image Protection™

UltraBac Warp provides image-based Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and was designed for computer users with minimal technical knowledge in mind.

The Continuous Image Protection™ (CIP™) technology in UltraBac Warp provides reliable backup and disaster recovery protection with point-in-time recovery to the minute, or hour, or day. With CIP, all selected volumes are automatically protected as opposed to only certain files or folders. Since only changed blocks are saved, the amount of space required to contain backup data is minimized. When a failure occurs, to perform a restore, simply select a point-in-time which initiates the restore process. To complete a restore, a user selects files, folders, or even an entire partition using “My Computer” or Windows Explorer to then drag and drop them to any required location.

UltraBac Warp is an inexpensive, straight forward product that is perfect for power users. From CFOs to accountants to paralegals, anyone who makes frequent changes to files stored on disk will appreciate this software. UltraBac Warp automatically monitors disk activity, so when a user updates a file every changed block is automatically backed up. If a document needs to be recovered a user can easily look at previous versions, to the minute, until exactly the right moment in time is found. Once located, it’s a simple matter to drag and drop the recovered file wherever required.

Since UltraBac Warp is based on image technology, the software also provides users with the ability to perform Bare Metal Restores (BMR). This advanced feature uses a boot CD/DVD as a temporary operating system from which to boot and perform disaster recovery operations. Users can restore to the same machine type, or to dissimilar hardware at no extra charge!

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