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Frequently Asked Questions About Licensing

Do I need a license?

If you are requesting a permanent license for version 8.x, 9.x, or10.x please ensure that your accounting department has submitted payment for the software in advance. Permanent licenses are only issued after your invoice has been paid.

You need to fill out the online UltraBac License Request Form if:

  1. You have paid for UltraBac software and have not yet received a permanent license.
  2. Your evaluation license is about to expire and you need more time to evaluate UltraBac.

UltraBac trial software is a 30 day temporary evaluation license for UltraBac version 10.3.x, and 20 day temporary evaluation license for older versions. At the end of this 30 (or 20) day period the software will expire to 'Restore-Mode Only.'

What type of license do I need?

There are two main classes of licenses:

  1. Permanent. These licenses are to be based on a specific computer name. These licenses are only issued after your invoice has been paid.
  2. Temporary. These licenses are typically issued as the UltraBac Enterprise Edition with all of the Agents (Exchange, SQL, etc.) enabled. If you need to evaluate the image restore capabilities of UBDR Gold, the temporary license key is issued separately. Request a UBDR Gold temporary license here.
    All temporary licenses are issued for a period of 30 days for UltraBac version 10.3.x or 20 days for older versions. These licenses will need to be approved by the sales representative that you have been speaking with. If you feel you need longer than the standard 30 (or 20) days, please explain your reasons for this in the "Comments" section of the UltraBac License Request Form.

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How do I apply for a license?

In order to apply for a license, simply complete the online UltraBac License Request Form.

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Description of the License Process.
  1. Fill out the online UltraBac License Request Form. Be sure to include your customer number if you have one. If you are an Authorized Partner and are applying for a license on behalf of your customer, please indicate that in the "Comments" section.
  2. Your information is sent to us via email. Once your request has been approved, an email is sent back to the address you provided in the online license registration form. The instructions for installing your license key are provided in the email or you may access them here.

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Changing License Server Names.

In order to process the request to update the UltraBac licensing key to reflect a server name change, please use the following online form:

UltraBac License Change Request Form

Once received and approved, we will provide you with the requested license key change in 1-3 business days, although most requests are processed the same day.

Each requested license change requires a $250 administrative charge. Admin fees are waived for customers covered under a current maintenance support package. Non-maintenance customers are required to pay license transfer fees in advance by credit card or to complete the purchase order section on the cover sheet.

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