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The Value of a Maintenance Subscription

An annual Maintenance Subscription is essentially an "insurance policy" for your backup and disaster recovery software and should be part of your data protection plan. UltraBac Software includes the first year of maintenance automatically with the purchase of new server licenses. Customers may elect to continue maintenance with a paid subscription at the end of the free period.

How does a maintenance subscription benefit you?

  • Free Unlimited* Technical Support. Maintenance subscriptions come with unlimited technical support *during regular office hours. After hours support is available to active subscribers for less than the fee charged to non-maintenance customers. Enterprise plans are available that include after hours support but the majority of customers find it more cost effective to pay on a need only basis.
  • Free Product Upgrades and Updates. Active maintenance subscribers can update and even upgrade their UltraBac backup and disaster recovery software for no additional fee!
  • Free License Transfers. Approved license transfers (please refer to our EULA) require a new software license, which is provided at no cost with your annual maintenance subscription.
  • Fixed Cost. The predictable cost of an annual maintenance subscription means it can be planned for and budgeted. No more guessing or stressing over whether to call for support, upgrade your software, or replace an old machine that will need a new license - all those fees are covered.

Just one technical support call with an UltraBac expert located at our headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, can literally pay for an annual subscription by minimizing or preventing system downtime that would otherwise cost your organization thousands of dollars. Factor in your valuable time as well as the headaches of dealing with irate customers and employees, and a maintenance subscription makes absolute sense. Our tech support representatives truly are experts and it's not unusual for them to know the answer to your issue before you even finish explaining it!

For more information on Maintenance Subscriptions or to sign up today, please contact our maintenance department at 425.644.6000, toll-free within the U.S. at 866.554.8562, or by email.

Ralph Harrison of ArcelorMittal, the world's leading steel and mining company with a presence in more than 60 countries, responded to a service follow-up by saying: "Your support technician recently took the time to walk me through the steps required to restore a non-system drive on a running computer. My questions were addressed in a timely and courteous manner, and I am totally satisfied with UltraBac Software's Tech Support." Other customers were brief but impactful: "Support was excellent! Thanks as always!!" and "Knowing you are there when I need you helps me sleep at night!"

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