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Partner NewsWire
Published by UltraBac Software Q4 - 2014


UltraBac Software has introduced another new feature to our PartnerPlus Program, the Sales Opportunity Registration Form.

What is it?

The form allows you, our partners, to register the deals you are working on.

Why should I use the form?

By registering your deals, you are essentially protecting the time and effort you put in to the opportunity. This also helps eliminate conflicts within the channel.

Once your registration is reviewed, you will receive confirmation of its status within three business days. For 90 days you receive priority on the project, and can receive additional assistance at any time to help manage and close the deal.

Is there a financial incentive for registering my opportunities?

Yes! You receive your full partner discount for all deals that are registered. Gold PartnerPlus Members receive a 20% discount, and Platinum PartnerPlus Members receive a 35% discount. In the event you don't register your sale(s), the discount(s) decrease to 10% and 18% respectively.

For resellers who have been grandfathered into the program, your current full discount rate applies. We are also providing you with additional time to get acquainted with the new system. Beginning February 2, 2015, if you do not register your deals your discount decreases by 5%. On April 14, 2015, all grandfathered partners will then fall under the new program discount structure specified above.


We have the answers! Please feel free to contact your PartnerPlus representative directly, or email us at

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