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UltraBac Software NewsWire
Published by UltraBac Software Q4 - 2014


Have you visited our website lately? You asked and we listened. We've recently introduced some new products and bundles to make your decision on which backup and disaster recovery products to purchase even easier.

These cost effective bundles provide you the full data protection you need, for your network size, at a very reasonable price:

  • UltraBac Flex Bundle — This new bundle is exactly how it sounds, flexible. It provides you with image disaster recovery, including bare metal restores, and file-by-file backup data protection for 10 servers. Back up everything, from locked files to virtual machines, this bundle has you covered. And, you even get to choose any two agents or options from our long list of add-on products, including SQL, Exchange, Hyper-V, etc.
  • UltraBac Essentials Bundle – Are you a smaller business in need of big business protection? This bundle is for you. This software is licensed specifically for Windows Server Essentials or Small Business Server. The same great backup and disaster recovery protection at a price point designed with you in mind. Protection for your critical Exchange Server is also provided.
  • UltraBac Workstation Continuity Bundle – The information on your workstations and laptops is just as critical as data stored on your server. With that in mind we created this solution that provides you not only image disaster recovery and file-by-file backup, but also additional virtual protection. Using our innovative Virtual Disk technology, you can create VHD or VMDK files during a regular image backup. This means the process of creating or updating standby virtual machines is automated for you.

Interested in adding additional virtual protection for your server? Look no further than these new offerings:

  • UltraBac Virtual Edition – This is a great price point for virtual protection, especially for smaller virtualized environments. Hyper-V users are provided with agentless data protection and system recovery for unlimited virtual machines. Perform two-way conversions (back up a VHD file and restore in VHDX format, and vice versa), back up live VMs, recover a full VM or individual file, and much more. For those with vSphere, users will enjoy the same great agentless data protection and system recovery for unlimited virtual machines. Some of the impressive features include Changed Block Tracking (CBT), specific point-in-time recovery, and granular recovery.
  • UltraBac Host Agent – With this new option, users now have the ability to image the Hyper-V host machine in addition to having agentless backup protection. Because what good is a virtual machine if the physical machine hosting it fails? Instead, if a failure does occur, the image can be quickly and easily restored to a new physical (dissimilar) hardware host in minutes.

And of course, all of the new server solutions come with the first year of maintenance and technical support included.

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UltraBac v10 provides even greater backup and disaster recovery flexibility with backup to the cloud using all major cloud providers. Windows 10 and Exchange 2016 support are also available.
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