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Published by UltraBac Software Q2 - 2014


Did you know that UltraBac Software provides comprehensive agentless protection for virtual machines? Supported virtual environments include hypervisors for Windows, VMware and Citrix. Agentless virtual backups provide image and file-by-file protection for both vSphere and Hyper-V; offering the power and flexibility needed to meet your data protection requirements across multiple platforms.

The vSphere and Hyper-V Agents perform centralized virtual machine backups without the disruption and overhead of running backup tasks from inside each virtual machine (VM). The vSphere Agent utilizes Changed Block Tracking (CBT) which increases backup and restore speeds, as well as enables 100% point-in-time recovery, saving customers time and money.

The Hyper-V Agent backs up only used space, no matter if it is thin or thin disk, for faster backups and storage space savings. The agent was also the first to market with the ability to choose the target disk format (VHD or VHDX), and perform two-way conversions (back up in VHD disk format and restore in VHDX with a single click of a button, and vice versa). Native integration with UltraBac provides users with the ability to back up virtual machines without additional steps or software. Only one backup is required for image and file-level recovery. In just a few minutes an entire VM can be restored, or an individual file can be recovered from any virtualized application.

With UltraBac Software's comprehensive and integrated suite of products, customers can protect both physical and virtual machines. Sophisticated options provide the flexibility to migrate or failover a physical machine to a virtual machine in minutes. You can also perform virtual-to-virtual migrations and more importantly, perform virtual-to-physical conversions. UltraBac's agentless backup functionality significantly helps in reducing the cost and support requirements within virtual environments. The software is "agentless" because it allows users to back up virtual machines from one centralized backup server without any additional software. This eliminates having to back up inside a virtual machine. Since the Hyper-V and vSphere Agents are licensed per socket, they have the ability to protect unlimited VMs for even more cost savings. To learn more about UltraBac's physical & virtual backup and disaster recovery solutions, please visit our Virtual Data Protection page or contact your UltraBac representative.

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UltraBac v10 provides even greater backup and disaster recovery flexibility with backup to the cloud using all major cloud providers. Windows 10 and Exchange 2016 support are also available.
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