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UltraBac Software NewsWire
Published by UltraBac Software Q1 - 2016


Version 10 is here! UltraBac and UBDR Gold v10 were released in November and contain many exciting new backup and disaster recovery options. Did you want to back up to the cloud? Do you want to decrease your storage needs by utilizing deduplication? The latest version offers these great features and more.

Key Reasons to Select UltraBac and UBDR Gold v10 for Advanced Data Protection:

  • UltraBac Choose Your Cloud™ Device: A new flexible connectivity device for servers and workstations that gives users the unprecedented ability to choose their own cloud storage solution from any of the major providers (Amazon S3, Google, HPE Helion, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, or Rackspace). Since OpenStack is open source, users also have a number of commercial alternatives, including the ability to easily implement a private in-house cloud at little to no cost.
  • UltraBac Deduplication Option: Client-side deduplication for single instance storage (SIS) stores common files and/or blocks. This means instead of backing up duplicate data from every protected machine, for every backup, UltraBac’s Deduplication Server only stores one copy (based on user defined parameters). Implement file-level, block-level, or both, depending on which deduplication scheme works best for your environment. Enable faster backups that use significantly less network bandwidth and storage resources. Deduplication can also be implemented in UltraBac’s optional agents for Exchange, SQL, vSphere, and Hyper-V. This option also provides local SIS for speed, cloud SIS for off-site redundancy, and a hybrid SIS model offering both local and cloud storage for the best of both worlds.
  • vSphere Agent: Users can now back up and restore non-Windows virtual machines! In the event of a failure, users can easily restore whole virtual machines with all configuration settings. For the enterprise, a new utility automates the process of a mass VM migration to an off-site, standby datacenter should a disaster require such an operation. Support for vMotion and vCenter Server 6.0 has also been added.
  • UltraBac: Support for Windows 10 and Exchange 2016, along with advanced support of Windows Server 2016 Preview and SQL Server 2016. Back up to literally any device (e.g. cloud, tape, all disk types, SAN, NAS, UNC, tape & virtual libraries, FTP/SFTP, and TSM).

UltraBac Choose Your Cloud Option
Recent News:
UltraBac v10 provides even greater backup and disaster recovery flexibility with backup to the cloud using all major cloud providers. Windows 10 and Exchange 2016 support are also available.
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