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UltraBac Software NewsWire
Published by UltraBac Software Q2 - 2015


UltraBac and UBDR Gold v9.5 officially launched on May 12th with dual backup formats. UBDR Gold v9.5 offers a new and improved Single File Restore (SFR) option that creates a mountable image backup for immediate drag and drop recoveries of files and folders. Selecting the SFR option automatically changes the backup format to disk only (any shared network resource is a valid target) and increases the backup speed up to 30 percent. After a SFR backup, the image can be quickly mounted through UltraBac's user interface. If end-users need to write to tape devices, media libraries, FTP/SFTP, or TSM all that is necessary is to leave the SFR option unchecked.

Users of UltraBac v9.5 now have the option to use a SQL-based centralized console for reviewing backup reports, and checking the status of past, present, and future backup jobs on every machine connected to the database – a quick way to review logs without having to connect to each individual machine. Customers also have the ability to search for backed up files by date range, name, or file type(s).

UltraBac and UBDR Gold Version 9.5 introduce these exciting new features and more:

  • Mountable Image Backups with Single File Restore (SFR) Capability – The SFR option now automatically changes the backup format to disk only (you can back up to any shared network resource), so the image can be mounted as a drive letter for easy drag & drop operations for immediate file and folder recoveries. Simply uncheck SFR to write to any device type, including tape.
  • Updates to the Linux Agents, including bare metal and point-in-time restores.
  • A Brand New Centralized Reporting and Activity Management Console – A quick way to review any errors or warnings of backup logs without having to connect to each individual machine, as well as the ability to view all active backups in progress.

You can learn more, or even watch a short video to see how fast and easy it is to restore a single file.

Please Note:   We have recently identified an issue where the backup process can take much longer than expected when using the new SFR feature in v9.5. This can occur when the new image format backs up to devices that are much slower in their ability to receive data than what the source drive can write (the issue was discovered when using a USB 2 disk device). UltraBac Software’s development team is working on a fix for this condition, and it will be available in a near term update. In the mean time, if you wish to use SFR we strongly suggest conducting one or more test backups to verify it is functioning properly in your environment before using this optional new feature for production backups.

UltraBac Choose Your Cloud Option
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