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Comprehensive Linux Backup and Disaster Recovery Protection

Recovering a Linux operating system is more complex than restoring Windows but, when a Linux disaster recovery operation is required, UltraBac simplifies the process by making it a UI-based operator activity (as opposed to command line only). UltraBac provides comprehensive data protection for your Linux and Windows servers in one fully integrated solution.

UltraBac’s File and Image Linux Agents allow you to recover an individual file to a complete server, and everything in-between, quickly and reliably. Our bare metal recovery option allows users to restore a failed server in minutes.

UltraBac Ux Highlights

The UltraBac Ux Agent provides file-level data protection for Linux machines using openSUSE, Red Hat, SLES, and CentOS. End-users have the ability to perform file-by-file backups with any combination of full, incremental, and differential strategies with UI-based point-in-time restores. Backups are easily set up, scheduled, and managed via Windows, which also provides a centralized management console for reporting and activity monitoring.

  • Provides Granular Backup of Selected Files, Folders, and Partitions
  • Full, Incremental, and Differential Backup Options
  • Backs Up Files-in-Use
  • Point-in-Time Restores
  • Integrates with UltraBac for
    • Management
    • Scheduling
    • Reporting
    • Backup devices (Tape, NAS/SAN, UNC, Cloud, TSM, FTP/SFTP, etc.)
UltraBac Linux Backup and RecoveryUltraBac Linux Ux Image Highlights

The UltraBac Ux Image Agent provides image-based disaster recovery protection on the partition level for Linux machines using openSUSE, Red Hat, SLES, and CentOS. A "dead" Linux machine can be restored to 100% operational status in minutes. Simply insert the Ux recovery CD or USB key, boot, and from UltraBac’s UI on Windows, browse, click on the required backup to initiate a restore, and then reboot normally for a fast and reliable bare metal restore (BMR). Point-in-time restores are automatic from any selected incremental or differential image backup.

  • Provides Image-based Partition-Level Snapshots
  • Full, Incremental, and Differential Backup Options
  • Bare Metal Restore (BMR) Functionality for Disaster Recovery
  • Integrates with UltraBac for
    • Management
    • Scheduling
    • Reporting
    • Backup devices (Tape, NAS/SAN, UNC, Cloud, TSM, FTP/SFTP, etc.)
UltraBac Linux Ux Bundle Highlights

The UltraBac Ux Bundle combines the Ux File and Ux Image Agents for a total backup and disaster recovery solution at a great price. The major benefit of file backup is the granularity to target specific files and folders that are critical in nature without backing up 100s to 1000s of static data files that do not need daily protection. The major benefit of image backup is protecting a machine's operating system partition so that it can be recovered in minutes in the event that it becomes unbootable for any reason. Image backup is also very fast compared to file backup, and can be used to protect data partitions when granular file and folder recoveries are not required.

A new option for the UltraBac Linux products is available NOW:

The Cloud Device provides direct or indirect (using UltraCopy) backup to Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google, HPE Helion, Rackspace, and OpenStack. Customers create a direct relationship for cloud storage with these providers or they can easily create a private, in-house cloud environment using OpenStack technology.

Coming soon in 2016:

The Deduplication Option provides significant backup time and storage savings over regular file and image backups. Deduplication can eliminate between 30-70% of common data files and blocks. The software requires users to establish a Deduplication Server and a primary data repository, with an option for a redundant secondary repository. The data repositories can be any combination of local and cloud. A major benefit for customers using a local/cloud repository strategy is fast local deduplication with off-site cloud redundancy, whereas a customer using a cloud/cloud repository strategy experiences the benefit of global deduplication with redundancy. Global deduplication is ideal for organizations needing backup across a WAN. The Deduplication Option is available for both file and image backups.

Base Products
UltraBac Ux Bundle - v10

Add-On Agents
UltraBac Ux Agent
UltraBac Ux Image Agent

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