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UltraBac Warp Licensing

UltraBac Warp is licensed in a different manner than UltraBac and UBDR Gold products. If you purchase UltraBac Warp online, you will receive a follow up email (separate from the order confirmation) that includes a Serial Number. This is the number that needs to be entered into the Serial Number field after the software has been installed.

After installation, open UltraBac Warp. Select "Settings" and "Licensing," choose the method of activation, and follow the provided steps:

  • To Activate Over Internet: After you select "Activate over Internet" and click "Next," you will see a Licensing dialog box. Simply type (or copy/paste) the Serial Number included in the follow up email into the "Serial Number" field. Click "Activate" and another dialog box should appear that shows "Status of Success." Click "OK" and UltraBac Warp has now been permanently licensed.

  • To Activate By Telephone (for machines not connected to the internet): Follow the initial steps provided above after opening UltraBac Warp. The screen should display a Licensing dialog box that includes an Authorization Code. When you see this screen, call UltraBac Licensing at +1.425.644.6000 and identify your company or individual name. You will then be asked to provide our technician with the Authorization Code that appears in the Licensing dialog box, as well as the email address used for the purchase. Once the technician has verified your account and Authorization Code, a unique License Code will be generated and emailed to you. Your License Code may take up to three business days to be emailed back to you; a valid email address is required to receive a License Code. Once you receive the License Code, be sure to save/store it for future use. Enter this License Code into the "License Code" field and click "Activate." Another dialog box should appear that shows "Status of Success." Click "OK" and UltraBac Warp has now been permanently licensed.

If you do not receive the follow up email with the Serial Number after three business days of your order date, please check your junk mail or spam folder to make sure it has not been blocked by your system. If you are still missing the Serial Number email, please follow the Activate by Telephone instructions above. Or you may email but you must include the following information:

  • In the Subject line it should say:  Did not receive UB Warp SN
  • Company name or your name
  • Authorization Code (found following Authorize by Telephone instructions)
  • The email address used to purchase the product

UltraBac Software uses this information to verify your purchase and account information. An email will then be sent with a License Code to be used to activate UltraBac Warp following the Activate by Telephone instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you purchased UltraBac Warp through an authorized reseller, please contact them directly to receive the Serial Number.

If further assistance is required, please call the licensing department at +1.425.644.6000 during normal business hours, or email

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