Backup Migration

UltraCopy is a utility used to copy the contents of one storage media device to another, run either manually or as a scheduled a job. Backup Migration is another utility used to automate the UltraCopy process without having to schedule an UltraCopy job and to add more options to the backup migration process.


Backup Migration has the ability to:



Backup Migration jobs go into a Backup Migration queue. The queue manages the sorting and running of jobs based upon the Backup Migration options chosen. You will be able to queue jobs in a few ways:



Many factors will determine which jobs should run:




Backup Migration Options


Fig. 1 - Backup Migration options.


Creating Migration Pools

To create a migration pool:

  1. Select "Tools"/"Backup Migration"/"Add / Edit Migration pools."



Fig. 2 - Backup Migration menu.


  1. Click the "New" button.


Fig. 3 - Migration Pools.


  1. Type in the name you want to call the migration pool, select the devices you want added to the migration pool automatically, and click the “OK” button.



Fig. 4 - Add a migration pool.


Adding Backup Migration Jobs Manually

To add a Backup Migration Job to the Migration queue manually:

  1. Select "Tools"/"Backup Migration"/"Add Backup Migration Job."


Fig. 5 - Backup Migration menu.


  1. Choose an available source device and click "Add >>" to add the device as a selected source device. Click "Next."



Fig. 6 - Migration source device.


  1. Select the Migration pool you want to use, or create a new migration pool (see section on Creating Migration Pools), and click "Next."



Fig. 7 - Migration pool selection.


  1. Select the Backup Migration Options for the job and click "Next."



Fig. 8 - Backup migration options.


    • Backup Migration Job Description – give the job a description name.
    • Migrate Individual Sets – allows you to select specific backups to migrate.
      • Use Express Index – saves time when loading sets from tape media.
    • Other Options – define the number of days a job can sit idle before the job expires and is deleted from the queue.
  1. A summary screen of your Backup Migration Job configuration will appear. Click "Migrate" to schedule the backup migration job in the backup migration queue.



Fig. 9 - Backup migration summary.


Adding a Migration Job to an ad hoc Backup
  1. Create a backup set of any agent.
  2. In the Backup window, from the menu bar select "Action"/"Run backup now" and you will see the Backup Options including the options for "Migration Job."



Fig. 10 - Ad hoc backup job migration options.

Adding a Migration Job to a scheduled Backup
  1. Create a new scheduled job, or modify an existing scheduled job.
  2. From the Properties window of the scheduled job, select the Options tab. On the Options tab, you will see the Backup Options including the options for "Migration Job."



Fig. 11 - Schedule backup job migration options.

Viewing Active Migration Jobs

To view the Migration Jobs in the Migration Queue, select "View" from the menu bar, and then select "Reports"/"View Migration Queue." All of the backup migration jobs will appear in the Migration Queue.



Fig. 12 - Backup Migration Queue.