UltraCopy is a utility used to copy the contents of one storage media device to another, such as "Backuppath0" to "Tape0." This utility can provide for redundant copies of backups for safekeeping off-site.


To copy storage media:


  1. From the Tools tab, click "UltraCopy"/"Run UltraCopy Now."

  2. Under "Available Devices," highlight the source device to copy from, and add it to the "Selected Devices" by clicking the "Add>>" button. Click "Next."



Fig. 1 - Selecting the source device.


  1. Under "Available Devices," highlight the target device to copy to, and add it to the "Selected Devices" by clicking the "Add>>" button. Click "Next."

  1. Set the UltraCopy options to be used during the copy job, and click "Next."



Fig. 2 - UltraCopy options.


UltraCopy Options:





  1. Click "Copy" to begin the copying process.



Fig. 3 - UltraCopy job summary.

Copying Individual Sets

When selected, this option allows the user to only copy specific sets to the destination media.



Fig. 4 - Selecting individual sets in UltraCopy.


To select individual sets:


  1. Ensure the "Copy Individual Sets" option is selected in the UltraCopy Options screen.

  2. Expand the media to be searched for individual sets.

  3. Check the box to the left of each set to be copied. Only selected sets will be copied.

  4. Click "Next."

Using a Library with UltraCopy

Since UltraBac v9.2, media library functionality has been incorporated into UltraCopy. This functionality allows UltraCopy to easily copy data from a spanned volume to a single storage location, or to copy a backup that would require multiple tapes from a path to a range of slots, or to a media pool.


If one of the specified devices is a media library, the library controls will automatically be enabled and allow the selection of any library element that contains media. If the library uses media pools than that can be selected and the pool set in the next screen.


Fig. 5 - Library/Media Pool settings in UltraCopy.

Command Line Options

UltraCopy can be run from the Windows command line, or a .bat file using the following syntax:

UBCopy <source> <destination> [options]


When specifying multiple source devices, separate each device with a comma:

UBCopy tape0,tape1 backuppath0


USAGE:UBCopy.exe [Source] [Destination] [Commands]