UBQ000230:  UBDR Gold Advanced Tools and Utilities

UBQ ID Number: UBQ000230
Last Modified: 2011-02-25


In UBDR Gold you will sometimes need to restore to a larger or smaller partition. To do this you will need to use the advanced tools to create the new sized partitions.


Advanced Tools

The "Disaster Recovery/Image Restore Options" dialog box has an "Advanced Tools" option through which partitions may be edited, similar to the DOS "FDISK" utility. Editing "dynamic disk" volumes are not supported however, only "basic" disks may be created, deleted, and added. The utility may be used in cases where only one partition is to be restored to a different location, or perhaps when resizing a partition is necessary to expand the target for restore. Clicking "Advanced Tools" will show a dialog box similar to the screenshot below.



Fig 1. Advanced Tools


The "Select Disk" drop-down box chooses which disk in the computer to edit. The disks are numbered sequentially starting from "Disk0."


WipeMBR -- Clicking this radio button will clear all partition information on the disk, rendering it unbootable. Use this utility with extreme caution. Be certain that the correct disk is chosen through the "Select Disk" drop-down box before executing "WipeMBR."


Delete Partition -- The drop-down box will display all partitions on the selected disk. Choose "Delete Partition" by clicking the radio button beside it, selecting the desired partition through the drop-down box, and clicking the "Proceed" button at the bottom of the window.


Create Partition -- Both primary, extended, and logical partitions may be created through "Create Partition." Choose the type of partition to be created through the drop-down box and define the size of the partition by typing in the number of MB in the "Partition Size in MB" field.

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