UBQ000214:  Description of License Components

UBQ ID Number: UBQ000214
Last Modified: 2016-07-14



What is an Engine Server?  What is a Remote Local Server Agent?  Why do I need them?


Any time a backup runs it requires two parts to be licensed - the Engine and "Some" agent.


The Engine is what actually does all the work in a backup. The Agent tells UltraBac what to backup.


Examples:  Server File-by-File backups require a Remote Local Server Agent (RLSA) license to be installed on each protected machine and workstations need a Remote Local Workstation Agent (RLWA). To adequately protect an SQL instance the server needs to have UltraBac’s SQL Agent installed and Exchange has this same requirement.


The purchase of a Single Server License includes 1 backup Engine and 1 RLSA with the Locked File Agent. The RLSA can be used on the same machine that the Single Server license is installed or a remote machine. If you wanted to back up additional machines with the 1 engine purchased with the Single Server License you can purchase additional RLSAs for servers and Remote Local Workstation Agents (RLWA) for desktops.


The purchase of UBDR Gold includes 1 backup Engine and 1 image agent with disaster recovery and dissimilar hardware recovery capability.


The purchase of an Ultimate Bundle License includes 1 backup Engine, 1 RLSA with Locked File, and 1 image agent with disaster recovery (this provides both file-by-file and image backup with disaster recovery and dissimilar hardware restore capability).


With the appropriate number of RLSA and/or RLWA agents the licensed Single Server machine can perform any number of remote server and/or workstation file-by-file backups. This means that a Single Server License can perform centralized backup of “X” number of remote machines. There is a practical limit, however, to how many machines one backup engine can service and the risk of a technical failure affecting the entire backup of all machines increases because of have a backup scheme with a “central point of failure”.


In a more comprehensive backup environment there is typically a requirement for the use of multiple backup engines (e.g. a backup engine license is installed on each protected server eliminating a central point of failure). An example might be a customer with 15 physical servers wanting to back each up as fast as possible to a NAS device. In this instance the customer would buy 15 Single Server licenses so that each could be independently scheduled to perform its own backup. Users also typically need to backup critical database applications like Microsoft’s SQL and Exchange which are best protected by agents designed for this task or to enable optional backup devices like tape autoloaders, FTP/SFTP, TSM, and the cloud. These agents and options require licensing.

More Information:

See UltraBac User Manual:  UltraBac Licensing