UltraBac Database



NOTE:  For information on configuring the SQL Server prior to setting up the UltraBac Database, please see the UltraBac Knowledge Base:


UBQ000253:  Configuring SQL for use with the UltraBac Database

Setting up the UltraBac Database

  1. Select the Manage tab, and click "Database" / "Database Wizard."



Fig. 1 - Launching Database Wizard.


  1. Then select the appropriate action. Selecting "Use an existing UltraBac Database Server" the database will be upgraded to support the new version.



Fig. 2 - Select database location.


  1. UltraBac’s database can be installed on MS SQL or MySQL database.



Fig. 3 - Select the database server type.


  1. Enter in credentials to create UltraBac database.

    1. For MS SQL you will need the server name as well as the Instance Name. Leave the Instance Name empty if SQL was installed as the "default" instance. If the Account Type is Windows Authentication, click 'Select" and proceed to step 6; UltraBac will use the default UltraBac account for all connections to the database.

      • Once the fields are filled in, you can click "Test Connection" to connect to the database server using the supplied credentials.



Fig. 4 - MS SQL configuration.


  1. If you are using MySQL, you will need the server name and the port number MySQL is listening on. You will also need a MySQL account credential to create the database along with the MySQL account UltraBac will use to connect to the database to update tables and run queries.



Fig. 5 - MySQL configuration.


  1. Enter the account credentials UltraBac will use to connect to the database in order to upload data and run queries. Setup will create this account if it does not already exist.



Fig. 6 - Account to connect to the UltraBac database.


  1. Click "OK" to complete the UltraBac database setup.



Fig. 7 - Database configuration complete.


  1. Once the configuration is complete you will be prompted to add all the servers in your Managed Machine list(s) to the database.



Fig. 8 - Sync Managed Machine list to the database.


  1. You must add machines to the Managed Machines list and sync them up to the database before you can see any data in the "Overview" or "Machine View" options on the Centralized Management tab.