Scheduled Backup Options

UltraBac can run scripts before and after backup, manage file attributes, and manage the contents and handling of storage media during a scheduled backup.

Backup Options


Fig. 1 - Scheduled backup options.

Before backup options:

Enterprise Control Files:

During backup options:
Migration Job:
After backup options:


  1. Check 'Run "After" job.'

  2. Type in or browse to a script file (.bat, .exe, .vbs, etc.).


NOTE:  It is strongly recommended to perform a Verify operation after backup to check the consistency of the files backed up, and ensure those files can be restored.

Email Notification

Using Email Notifications, users can configure how backup results are relayed to them. With multiple notification options, such as error notifications and backup summaries, UltraBac gives the users the information they need as soon as it happens. This can be configured during the process of creating a scheduled backup and can be changed after the job is created. This functionality is not supported on ad hoc backups.


Email notification is set up through the “Notification” tab in the properties of a scheduled backup.


NOTE:  UltraBac's SMTP Email notification only supports local SMTP servers. Servers that are either off-site or separated by a firewall are not supported.


To edit the Notification settings:


  1. Open the Properties of a scheduled backup.
  2. Select the Notification tab.
  3. Click "OK" to save.



Fig. 2 - Notification tab of the Backup Group properties.


To enter the e-mail notification settings, click "Edit e-mail format and distribution list."



Fig. 3 - Edit Email Notification settings.


Edit distribution list – Opens the SMTP Distribution List settings dialog.

SMTP Settings

To edit the SMTP settings, select the "Edit distribution list" button on the "Edit Email Notification" dialog.



Fig. 4 - SMTP Distribution List settings window.





Email Macros – These can be used in either the Subject or the Body. Please note that set specific macros will only show the current or last set backed up.


Device Options


Fig. 5 - Device options.


Available storage devices are added by highlighting and clicking the "Add" button.

Storage Device Options
Check If Device Is Ready

Event Time Options

A scheduled backup can be configured to start at a specified time, date, day of the week, or many other options. Backups can be set to run only in specific months, every few minutes, or only run once.

Start/End Dates and Backup Frequency



Fig. 6 - Setting the Start/End date and time of a scheduled job.





Fig. 7 - Setting the frequency and repeats of a scheduled job.






NOTE:  For information on troubleshooting SMTP, please see the UltraBac Knowledge Base:


UBQ000069:  Troubleshooting SMTP