Restore Basics

To restore data, the files to restore must be selected from a backup index loaded into the File Viewer, the media used for the backup must be selected, and the target location for the restored data must be specified.


UltraBac is optimized to quickly and efficiently restore files back to the original path, or a remote location, using a variety of indexing options. An index of all files backed up is automatically written to the storage media, and can also be written to an online disk index and/or an index database.


An Express Index, listing all backup sets written to the storage media, is also written to disk and is used to minimize the amount of time used searching the storage media.

Selecting the Storage Device

The first step when performing a restore is selecting the device used during backup. This will ensure that UltraBac looks at the correct media when looking for the data being restored. To find the media used during backup, check the backup log under "Device."


To select the storage device to use during the restore:


  1. From the Manage tab, click "Storage Devices."

  2. Click the appropriate tab to select the type of media used during the backup.

  3. Click and highlight the storage device used during backup.

  4. Click "Close." The selected storage device is listed on the bottom menu bar of the UltraBac user interface.

Loading a Backup Index

To begin the restore process, launch the Restore Wizard by selecting the index source:


  1. Select the Restore tab.

  2. Click the index source to be used for restore:


  1. Click "Next."



Fig. 1 - Selecting the index source.


NOTE:  For more information on the setup and configuration of an index database, please visit the "UltraBac Database" section of the User Manual:


UltraBac User Manual:  UltraBac Database


Each index source has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the restore situation:


Selecting the Index

Once the index source is selected, the backup index must be selected and loaded into the File Viewer.



Fig. 2 - Selecting the backup index to load from the online disk index.


To load a backup index into the File Viewer:


  1. Click on and highlight the index to load.

  2. Click "OK."


NOTE:  It is only possible to select and load one index at a time.

Index Options

Fig. 3 - Selecting the backup index to load from the storage media.


Several options are available that modify the way UltraBac handles backup indexes:


Selecting Files for Restore

When an index is loaded, the index opens in the UltraBac File Viewer. The File Viewer displays all data backed up in the selected set.


Select the files to be restored by marking the box directly to the left of the desired file/folder/data in blue.


Fig. 4 - File-by-file backup set loaded in the File Viewer.

Restoring Data from a Backup

To restore the selected data:


  1. From the Restore tab, click "Action"/"Restore This Backup."


Fig. 5 - Restore options of an image backup set.


  1. Set the options for restore in the agent's "Restore Options" screen.

  2. Enter the decryption phrase, if an encryption phrase was entered in the backup set. The decryption phrase is the exact same phrase as was entered for the encryption phrase. If the decryption phrase is not entered correctly, the restore will not be successful.

  3. Click "Next."


Fig. 6 - Restore options.


  1. Check "Run unattended" to disable user prompts during the restore.

  2. Click "Restore" to begin restoring the data.