Locked File Backup Agent

The Locked File Backup Agent is designed to temporarily "freeze" the target partition before the backup begins, and "thaw" the partition after the backup completes. Freezing the partition allows UltraBac to back up files that are exclusively locked by an application or service and would otherwise be skipped.


The Locked File Backup Agent is automatically installed when the File-by-File or Disaster Recovery Image Agents are installed. The system must be rebooted after install for the Locked File Backup Agent to be activated.


NOTE:  For more information regarding the installation of the File-by-File Agent and Disaster Recovery/Image Agent, please visit the "Installing UltraBac" section of the User Manual:


UltraBac User Manual:  Installing UltraBac

Using the Locked File Backup Agent

NOTE:  The UltraBac Locked File Backup Agent is automatically used by the DR/Image backups, and cannot be controlled via user preference.


The global preference to enable the Locked File Backup Agent is located on the Manage toolbar, under "Agents"/"File-by-File Agent." This preference will enable the agent in all future File-by-File Agent sets created on the backup host.


To enable the Locked File Backup driver in a specific backup set:


  1. Create or open a backup set.

  2. Click "Action"/"Set Properties" from the main UltraBac menu.

  3. Click on the "File-by-File Agent – Backup Set Options" tab.



Fig. 1 - "Enable Locked File Backup."


  1. Check "Enable Locked File Backup."

  2. Click "OK" to save.


After checking "Enable Locked File Backup," the option to "Freeze All Drives" and "Do not use Volume Shadow Copy Service" will become available. These options should be used to maintain the integrity of files or applications when the files or applications are spread across multiple partitions or disks.


Uninstalling the Locked File Backup Agent

The Locked File Backup Agent can be uninstalled through "Add/Remove Programs" in Windows Control Panel.


  1. Access "Control Panel."

  2. Click "Uninstall a program."

  3. In the search box, type "UltraBac."



Fig. 2 - UltraBac Locked File Backup Driver in the Windows Device Manager.


  1. Highlight "UltraBac Filter Driver."

  2. Click "Uninstall" button, or right click and select "Uninstall."

  3. Reboot the system to complete the removal of the UltraBac Locked File Backup driver.