UltraBac Licensing

NOTE:  If you do not have a license from UltraBac Software, please request one by visiting our Web site:




The initial installation of UltraBac will run as a fully functional trial version for 20 days. After the expiration date is passed, a license must be obtained to run backups.

Each system in the backup scheme must have a valid license, including servers, workstations, and individual agents that UltraBac offers for specialized backups such as SQL, Exchange, Oracle, etc. As a backup progresses, each set is validated by the license server before the backup of that set begins.


NOTE:  For additional information on a description of license components, please see the UltraBac Knowledge Base:


UBQ000214:  Description of License Components

Importing a License

After receiving a license file, it will need to be imported into UltraBac. To import the license:


  1. Save the file "ublicense.txt" to: "C:\Program Files\UltraBac Software\UltraBac."

  2. Launch the UltraBac console from "Start"/"Programs"/"UltraBac"/"UltraBac Management Console."

  3. Select the Manage tab, and click "Licensing"/"Import License."



    Fig. 1 - Importing a license in UltraBac.


  1. Select "Import license from file" and click "OK."

  2. Browse to the UltraBac directory, select the "ublicense.txt" file, and click "Open."



Fig. 2 - Browsing to the license file.


  1. If the license was imported successfully, a dialog box will open with the message, "The license has been imported successfully."

  2. Confirm the successfully imported license file by accessing "Manage"/"Licensing"/"Edit License." A list of licensed components will appear underneath the computer name.



Fig. 3 - License components.


NOTE:  The "Edit License" functionality is not supported by Demo licenses.

License Details

The "License Maintenance" screen shows:



View the list of issued licenses for each agent by clicking on the "plus sign" to the left of the agent. This shows:



A license can be reset by expanding the component, right clicking on the server name, and clicking "Reset License."

Updating an Existing License

Adding components of the software will require a new license file, obtained from UltraBac Software. Contact your account manager for pricing.


When the new license is received from licensing@ultrabac.com, import the new license directly over the previous license.

Pushing the License

It is possible to "push" a license to a remote license server when the license is issued to the server by name. Import the license from any UltraBac host and it will automatically export it to the correct system.

When using a centralized license server, it is only necessary to point the remote systems to the license server by selecting the Manage tab, and click"Licensing"/"Set License Server."

Upgrading to Version 10

To upgrade a prior Version 7,8, or 9 license to Version 10, please visit:




Upon completion, submitting this form will send it to the UltraBac Software Licensing department.