Command Line Functionality

UltraBac has the capability of running almost all backup and restore functions through the DOS shell in Windows. These commands can be scripted or run manually through the command prompt, allowing manual interaction or the automation of backups using other applications or task schedulers. The command line interface cannot be used to create a set or to schedule a backup.


NOTE:  For additional information on running UltraBac with DOS commands, please see the UltraBac Knowledge Base:


UBQ000001:  Command Line Backup/Restore



Usage: UB [option] [command]

Values in all caps are the default value.

Options and commands are NOT case sensitive


[option] can be one or more of the following:



[command] can be ONLY one of the following




NOTE:  To view a list of all command line options in UltraBac, enter "ub /?" into the command prompt and press "ENTER."

Backup Commands

When specifying a group to run from the command line, no options need be set. This is a sample backup command using a Backup Group:


ub.exe /backup tuesday.ubb


When specifying a set to run from the command line, several options can be set. This is a sample backup command using a Backup Set:


ub.exe /backup server_full.ub /device:backuppath0 /preparemedia:tuesday /verify:crc


Options listed:



To run an unattended backup through the UltraBac scheduler, use the following command:


scheduler.exe /E /NOW:<filename.ubb>

Restore Commands

NOTE:  Only File-by-file backups can be restored via the command line.


It is also possible to run a restore using the command line. Sample command line for restore:


ub.exe /findfiles:* /restore:c:\temp /device:backuppath0


Options listed: