Backup Set Basics

A scheduled backup consists of two UltraBac file types:



By default, these files are saved in the "C:\Program Files\UltraBac Software\UltraBac\Data" directory. Before any backup groups can be created, one or more backup sets must be created.

Creating Backup Sets

UltraBac uses the Backup Wizard to create all backup sets. To access the Wizard, select the Backup tab and click "New."


Backup sets for all agents, including Image Disaster Recovery, Exchange, and File-By-File are created using the Backup Wizard.



Fig. 1 - Backup Wizard.


After selecting the agent to use in the backup set (in this case the File-by-File Local), and configuring that agent's preferences, UltraBac gives the option of modifying the file selection logic in the "Selection Criteria" screen before enumerating the set. This is also where the set is given a description that will appear in the backup, verify, and restore logs.



Fig. 2 - File-by-File Agent - Backup Set Options.



Fig. 3 - Selection criteria.



NOTE:  The "File Selection Logic" option DOES NOT affect all agents. The Exchange and  Image/Disaster Recovery Agents do not support the "Modified Files" selection logic.


After specifying the file selection logic, and entering a description, UltraBac will return a summary of all options selected in the Backup Wizard.



Fig. 4 - Backup Wizard summary.



When viewing a backup set, select the files to be backed up by marking the box directly to the left of the desired file/folder/data in blue.


Save the backup set by clicking "Action"/"Save."



NOTE:  For additional information on UltraBac backup output files, please see the UltraBac Knowledge Base:


See UBQ000210:  UltraBac Backup Output Files