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UltraBac's Safety-Net Design

UltraBac Software's design philosophy is that backup must be a safety net for the data that is the lifeblood of a business. Our products are designed with this in mind to reduce or eliminate backup failures, so that when hardware fails, data is safe.

Our safety-net design incorporates strategic features like built-in media cascading, hardware failure redirect, tape duplication capability, email alerts & notifications, and bare metal disaster recovery:

  • Media cascading automatically spans media when a backup becomes too large.
  • Hardware failure redirect automatically restarts a failed backup to a designated alternative drive or UNC path.
  • UltraCopy tape duplication option allows for an off-site backup tape to be created after a regular backup completes and/or allows conversion of media (e.g. tape to tape, tape to disk, & vice versa).
  • Pre-backup status check automatically sends an email alert before a scheduled backup is to begin if no media is in the drive or if the media is date-protected.
  • Automatically-triggered administrator alerts facilitate corrective action for specific backup failure conditions.
  • Bare metal disaster recovery complements standard UltraBac file-by-file backups by providing users with the fastest and simplest technology for recovering a dead machine. Users can perform dissimilar hardware restores and virtual recoveries.  More on UltraBac Disaster Recovery (UBDR)...

Backup is our only business. We have worked long and hard to create the best possible software to safeguard your data.

Let UltraBac Software be your safety net.

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