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The Value of Maintenance

Maintenance Subscriptions provide our customers with a valuable insurance policy. Unlimited priority access to our technical support experts can save you countless hours, which translate into real dollars when referring to company downtime.

Budget-conscious administrators will appreciate the ability to budget a known cost for annual support and software upgrades. With a Maintenance Subscription, there are no per incident support charges and no fees for software updates, version upgrades, and re-licensing.

UltraBac Software's first-class technical support professionals are located in Washington state. Calls are answered by a live person, and average wait times for a technical representative are less than 5 minutes! UltraBac support members are experts in their field and renowned in the industry — they set the standard for quick and efficient resolutions to customers' issues. Often we know the answer to a problem before you've even finished explaining it to us!

For more information on Maintenance Subscriptions, please contact our maintenance department at 425.644.6000, toll-free within the U.S. at 866.554.8562, or by email.

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